Egg-stra-ordinary Journey:
Exploring the Spices of Indian Egg Delights

Embark on a culinary journey with UNCLE OMLET! Our award-winning heaven invites you to savour masterpieces crafted with love, authentic spices, and the freshest veggies. Elevate your taste buds with unparalleled flavors that have earned us the title of the best egg-based restaurant in Canada. Join us and experience culinary excellence like never before!




The Best Indian Style Desi Eggetarian Eatery in Canada!

From humble beginnings to a global culinary sensation, our journey is one of unparalleled excellence, using only the freshest ingredients and a relentless passion for eggs. Join us in this ongoing adventure as we bring the essence of tradition and the thrill of worldwide flavors straight to your plate, promising an extraordinary taste experience!

Pani Puri

Deviled Eggs

Egg Bhurji

Fried Masala Eggs


Where Every Bite Tells a Story

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2720 N Park Dr #61, Brampton,

ON L6S 0E9


1771 Albion Rd, Etobicoke,

ON M9W 5W8

Our most popular food items

Egg Paplet

Plain egg omlet stuff with egg white stuffing. filled with rich gravy with boiled yolk, spices topped with sliced boiled eggs.

From $13.99

Egg Tikhari

Sunny side eggs base, rich creamy green gravy in centre topped with cheese and spicy tempering.

From $13.99

Mughlai Tikka

Omlet base accomplished with sliced eggs, rich tomato gravy topped with creamy with tempering.

From $13.99


Plain whisked egg base which is topped with spiced-up tomato and green gravy.

From $13.99

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Embark on a culinary adventure that transcends borders with Uncle Omlet! Our journey began 35 years ago on the vibrant streets of Vadodara, and today, we're proud to bring the world's most iconic taste to your plate right here in Canada.

Customer Review

I loved the dare devil eggs, also loved egg pamplet but my friends tried egg ghotala and egg thikhari and they loved it.

    Nisha Aryan
    Nisha Aryan

    Nisha Aryan

    Tried this place for the first time. Ordered sandwich, pani puri, and cheese sandwich. Everything was tasty, and super quick 👌.

      Munazzah M
      Munazzah M

      Munazzah M

      Best place to eat eggs and chaats in wide varieties.We had ordered Fried masala egg, Egg paplet, Pani Puri and cold coco.

        Ankur Mistry
        Ankur Mistry

        Ankur Mistry

        Excellent, glad i tried my lunch here. Great Taste!! Loved it!! Would recommend their Egg Paplet

          Shriharsh Nalawade
          Shriharsh Nalawade

          Shriharsh Nalawade